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Chandigarh real estate sector is observing real testing times. On one side nike air max 90 ultra 2.0 flyknit ireland , there are a lot of investments options pouring in the sector and on the other hand, purchasers of property and sellers are not much excited regarding property dealings. The economic depression is the grounds for stagnation in the country’s real estate sector. Chandigarh’s property sector too cheap nike air max 90 mens ireland , is observing an analogous style. Property dealers in Chandigarh state that real estate rates have stagnated. Property values for housing plots in the suburban regions like Baltana and Kharar have curved down to as much as Rs 100 – 200 per sq yard. This is roughly 20% turn down in rates in comparison to the subsequent quarter, the previous year.

Regardless of the rumor of property slumps cheap air max 90 mens ireland , the Chandigarh real estate property market is still upbeat with bustle. Property dealers and builders say that the number of dealings has come down but the market is still bustling with enquiry about the properties. In the meantime, lots of new property plans have been lined up for Chandigarh and the adjoining regions. The Uppal group has united up with hotel chain Marriot to build up and supervise a 5 star hotel in Chandigarh. This joint undertaking will construct a hotel in Gurgaon as well and these plans are roughly estimated to cost about Rs 500 crore.

Chandigarh is one of the hot and happening destinations from all real estate points of view. It has been lately nominated as ‘The Best City to Live In’ by a popular journal. Chandigarh earns this label for numerous reasons and some of them are explained as follow:

Planned infrastructure: Chandigarh is well-known for its structural design nike air max 90 mens ireland , broad roads, well spaced out tracks and ambient atmosphere. The developments and extensions to a variety of areas are for all time well designed.

Strategic location: The city of Chandigarh is clerical air max 90 mens ireland , political and edifying nerve centre for Punjab as well as Haryana. The city has the nobility of a large city but still holds on to the luxury of a small town. It is also considered as the doorway to North India. It generates a lot of tactical and business sense for all companies to have their channelsheadquarters in Chandigarh.

New developments: Chandigarh is unfastening up to the real estate shifting trends. The city had just inaugurated Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park. Spread across a whopping 111 acres of land, it is a destination for most of the top IT cheap nike air max 90 womens ireland , ITES and BPO firms.

New improvements in Chandigarh’s property sector are worth discerning. Delhi based property developer Parsvnath has acquired 38% stake in Sabeer Bhatia’s Nano City Project. Nano City is a marketable and housing project in Chandigarh and was inaugurated about a year back, in 2010. Market sources point to the fact that Bhatia is already surveying IT customers to open workplaces in his Nano City. Considering all these advancements Chandigarh has made in the real estate sector cheap air max 90 womens ireland , it is worth procuring a property in this city.

Apartments in Chandigarh are in demand these days as Chandigarh city is a destination for most of the top IT, ITES and BPO firms. On the other hand the city is well-known for its structural design nike air max 90 womens ireland , broad roads and ambient atmosphere therefore Flats in Chandigarh are also a good investment option.

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