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Body dryer is something which used to make dry the body after the bath without using any towel traditionally. This is an air drying mechanism which pours hot air over the body and the body gets dry without using a towel. The body dryer is running with electricity and has a fan vans old skool granate mujer , motor & a heater as its component.

Excellent usability of Body Dryer:

1. There is numerous usability of this latest new technology but the first and foremost things it did are the replacement of the bathroom towel. The body dryer for bathroom has its great usability in drying full body after a shower.

2. The replacement of the old towel of the bathroom with new technology helps to keep the bathroom dry and free from the bad smell out of the wet towel.

3. The great usability of full body dryer for bathroom can experience by the physically handicapped person or the old person who is facing difficulty in moving their body for tower dry. This has also excellent benefits in the case of the patient.

4. This solves the problem of drying the towel due to lack of space. The body dryer is also giving an experience of a hot spa in the bathroom without spending much for it. So this is now gaining its popularity among the young people too.

5. The name of the body dryer does not mean that it can only dry the body but the wet hair too. So this is also unofficially replacing the traditional hair dryer using an extra gadget. Somehow it also dries the wet clothes at an emergency situation.

6. Body dryer for bathroom is an addition to the luxurious bathroom gadgets. To get dry comfortably without putting much effort into it can possible with this new gadget.

7. The body gets dry easily with the warm air coming out from the blower of the dryer. To have this excellent benefit the bathroom should be fixed with a blower with the opening of inlet and outlet.

8. The operation of the complete drying process for full body takes only three minutes. The facility of heat adjustment system allows anyone to adjust the air temperature according to his or her need. The hot air dries the body quickly as compare to the warm air. The full body dryer for bathroom can be installed in any bathroom having or without an electric shower.

9. The machine is doin

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