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2.1 Introduction
The major objective of this research is to identify the risk factors that influence the mortality in surgical or medical ICUs. The researcher decided to conduct multiple variable selection methods to achieve the objectives. The most commonly used methods are forward selection cheap jordan 11 low , backward elimination and least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO). In making a decision about which model is the best, the researcher applied k-fold cross validation approach on the final model of each method and finalized the decision by choosing the model with the lowest misclassification error rate. The procedure helped to come up with a reliable model that would help to clearly identify and prioritize the risk factors associated with ICU mortality.
2.2 Statistical Analysis
Before conducting formal modeling, we created numerical and graphical summaries to explore the data and to identify an initial association between the response variable (STA in this case) and each predictor. Also, to show the manner of the response variable and the predictors http://www.cheapjordan11low.com/ , we created bar diagrams for qualitative variables and histograms for quantitative variables using R studio and Minitab.
2.3 variable selections
Since the response variable (STA) is binary, logistic regression was the appropriate analysis to conduct. Multiple variable selection methods that have been used in this research consist of Logistic regression approach, forward and backward logistic regression and least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO). K-fold cross validation approach was applied on each model which is a useful tool for deciding the best model on the lowest misclassification error rate.
2.3.1 Logistic regression (all variables)
To correctly leverage this method, we had buy cheap jordan 11 , to begin with, Logistic Regression model so that it would be easy to identify the most suitable model. Logistic regression is a predictive analysis used to illustrate the relationship between the response variable and the predictors using the regre

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