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Good health is a must for overall development of the society in a wide point of view. Its essence in socio economic and technological growth of the nation is vital. Odisha like a state buried with poverty and illiteracy finding it hard to face the health related challenges. Mostly in the rural Odisha adidas superstar slip on saldi , the health scenario is not up to the mark. It is badly hampering the projected development of the state since last few decades.

The government and some generous industries are looking further to develop the conditions. Rural Health and CSR in Odisha needs more speculation. Proper planning and utilization of the resources to improve the health condition of rural people could bring effective change. The efforts to reduce morbidity, disability and mortality through promoting good health are ideal.

Challenges of Rural Health in Odisha:

Poverty 鈥?It is the most challenging issue in this sphere. Due to poverty, people hesitate to visit hospital. Most families there are male dominated and they are primarily work as daily laborer. They assume the time for diagnosis at hospital will hamper their employment and earning.

The initiatives for rural health and CSR in Odisha have many aspects. The solutions like providing easy access to health care system adidas superstar foundation saldi , free medicine and diagnosis, etc are good schemes.

Awareness 鈥?Extreme rural or tribal populations in Odisha have their own beliefs and practices as to health. Few of them prefer magico-religious remedies as they still believe diseases are the result of breaching some taboo or act of hostile spirits. And some have misleading and ridiculous views on modern medicines and treatments.

Implementation of innovative ideas to make popular health services among the villagers is having good results. Letting people know the benefits of advanced treatment and debunking the myths will change the scenario.

hazards and threats of loss of life and wealth.

Water and Sanitation 鈥?Most of the preventable deaths in villages of Odisha are caused by infections and different communicable diseases. Generally the waterborne infections cause really hazards and threats of loss of life and wealth.

Availability of safe drinking

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