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The Benefits of Doing Pilates on Pilates Machines for Pain Relief Health Articles | April 25 Dennis Rodman Jersey , 2011
Learn how to effectively do Pilates on Pilates Machines to get instant Pain Relief. 3 exercises are given on the Trapeze table, Wunda chair and Pilates reformer to efficiently and effectively to provide pain relief.

If you are doing Pilates to ease your pain and discomfort, this article will help you. When there is pain and soreness Scottie Pippen Jersey , on a mild scale you are most likely to be suffering from tense and tight muscles. This can be the result of an injury or an accident; it can be from overuse, or degenerative issues with age may even be a factor. Whatever the causes are, loosening up tension in the muscles and getting the body to function properly should be your primary focus.

The benefits of practicing Pilates are numerous. The use of each different specific Pilates exercise machines Toni Kukoc Jersey , like the "Wunda Chair", the "Reformer", or the "Trapeze Table" John Paxson Jersey , can help to target the specific areas to get instant pain relief. Each piece of Pilates machine, makes it easier to learn the proper techniques to isolate a particular muscle group that requires attention.

Here are 3 specific Pilates exercises for pain relief you can do depending on your needs on various machine. It's a good idea to try them under professional guidance first so that you understand the proper form and techniques.

Pilates Shoulder Pain Relief on Trapeze Table

Seated Roll Up: This exercise challenges the core while working on shoulder joint mobility.
Directions: Lie on your back, face up Zach LaVine Jersey , both legs fully extended on the table. Position shoulders at the edge of the table, hence it is good to place the head on a stool or Wunda Chair. Place arms on handle bar (spring attached from the top). With both arms extended, roll up slowly using the abdominals till you are seated upright. Shoulders relaxed and lengthen the muscles in the back of the neck. Roll down slowly with pelvic curl. Drop shoulders away from ears and engage "Angel Arms".
Goal: To keep shoulders down and relaxed while rolling the spine up and down using the abdominals. T he effort is from the core and do not use the neck for the movement.

Pilates Neck Pain Relief on Wunda Chair

Seated Triceps Press: This exercise releases neck tension. It also strengthens arms and triceps muscles.
Directions: Sit on a small box on the floor with your back to the pedal. Reach both arms back and place them on the pedals with your palms facing away from you. Sit up tall as you press the pedals down. Make sure you maintain length in your spine and the back of the neck as you bend your arms up to a 90 degree angle. Press both arms down and lengthen the back the back of the neck to stretch the neck vertebrae.
Goal: To keep shoulders down and away from ears. To maintain an upright posture always.

Pilates Back Pain Relief on Pilates Reformer

The Footwork: This helps to stretch the lower leg like the calves and hamstring group.
Directions: Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and both feet on the foot bar. Push away the carriage as you extend both legs. Keep knee caps drawn up so that you are engaging the muscles of your front thighs. Don't overextend your knees by pushing out too hard or too fast. Control the movement. Keep spine neutral Michael Jordan Jersey , feet and ankle soft.
Goal: Focus on engaging your feet to lengthen the back of both legs. Control knee bends movement and extension by using the thigh muscles correctly.

As the muscles get stretched out through the Pilates exercises, it will bring about instant pain relief. Chronic pain disappears when there is less stress and tension. Continual repetition over time improves flexibility and mobility of tight joints. Other benefits include muscular strength and endurance. Working on Pilates machines is the way to go for chronic pain treatment in a safe and effective way!
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