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From a very early age Wholesale College Jerseys China , my own journey was influenced by yoga and dance. As a little girl, I watched my dad practice yoga in his pajamas, and, being the daughter of Indian parents, I attended many family events where dancing was at the centerpiece. The celebratory dance at the events is called Bhangra, a form of dance popularized in India鈥檚 Bollywood movies. Bollywood is India鈥檚 Hollywood Wholesale College Jerseys , and Bombay is the bustling city where these vibrant films, famous for their storytelling through dance and music, are made. In my 20鈥檚, I began taking yoga classes, studying yoga philosophy, meditation Wholesale Kids Jerseys , asana, and most of all, studying Indian dance.

As I grew up, I wanted to keep fit but I didn鈥檛 enjoy any of the standard work-out routines. Given that, I started thinking about the excitement of the Bollywood movies, and they inspired me to create fun and effective workouts inspired by their music. The Bollywood themed dance workouts are a refreshing way to get healthy Wholesale Youth Jerseys , feel great and laugh hysterically.

I鈥檝e had the pleasure of teaching workshops and retreats around the world, and I love turning my students on to the vibrant styles of Indian dance, from the classical to the latest moves from Bollywood, Bhangra and Indian MTV. I frequently end my retreats and workshops in a night of dance.

Inspired by Bollywood, this simple (at your desk) 5 min work-out comprises several moves from my DVDs, which offer a refreshing new way to work those all-important core muscles Wholesale Womens Jerseys , and a creative way to lift and firm the muscles while burning fat and having a blast. These movements allow us to emote and promote health, sweat and laughter. The most important thing is to have fun. Be easy with yourself. We already have too many serious issues in our lives 鈥?let鈥檚 call it 鈥減laying-out鈥?instead of 鈥渨orking-out鈥? So, let鈥檚 play Bollywood style!

A 5-min Routine to shift your energy and mind at your deskwork-placeday:

Note: making sounds helps to release tension, stress and drop all things negative from the body and mind, so make lot鈥檚 of sounds as you move through these 3 simple steps to create a powerful shift in your brain, body and life!

Sounds like: 鈥渁aaaahhhhhhhh鈥?鈥? And 鈥渉mmmmmmmmmmmm鈥?鈥?(I call that one the internal OM) Wholesale Authentic Jerseys , and flubbering the lips (yes, like we did when we were children) as you exhale.

Step one: Spine and Core.

Sitting in a chair or standing, place your feet on the ground, hip didstance, and feel your toes separate. Straighten your spineback, place hands on your knees. Take a breath and make a sound here to begin.

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