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Advertising email Marketing Articles | December 7 Cheap Nike Air Max TN , 2008

You need to be very careful when sending out advertising email. One small mistake can jeopardize your reputation and even your entire business. There are a few rules of thumb you should be aware of to help your advertising mail to be successful.

·??????? Never send spam: the first rule and one you should always keep in mind is never send emails to those who have not given you permission to do so. When you do this it is termed as spam. Spam is a very ugly thing. It can get you into a lot of trouble and can even get your business shut down. This is due to the fact that there are a very aggressive group of people called anti spammers. These people spend a large part of their lives vigorously complaining against spammers. They are very dangerous to your online business.

·??????? Do not send too often: I am sure that you have been on the receiving end of too many ads. Nothing makes subscribers unsubscribe from your list faster than too many ads. Or worse still they will just ignore your emails. Either way you will not get the response you need for your ads. A better way is to put a couple of ads in your newsletter and only send ads to your subscribers when you have something really special. Another way? is to have a special announcement list.

·??????? Be careful of presentation and language: a poorly presented ad with too much hype, or just poor grammar and spelling mistakes Nike Air Max TN Ireland , is a definite turn off for your readers. You will lose credibility and get poor response to your advertising mail.

·??????? Make it personal: You will get far better response for your email advertising if you personalize your messages. Subscribers love this. It makes them feel special and will encourage them to buy from you.

·??????? Make it spam filter friendly: many good autoresponders will have a built in spam filter like spam assassin, where you can check your mail before you send it out.? Spam filters have a number of trigger words that spammers usually use. If you have too many of these words you cannot get your message through.

·??????? Check for open rates and sales conversions: another feature to look for in an autoresponder is open rate stats. These are very useful and will show you exactly how many subscribers are actually opening your mail. Experiment with subject lines to see which ones get the most response.

·??????? Split test: always split test your ads so that you can always be improving and getting the best response.

?A mini site can help you with your advertising email. You can build a couple of landing pages for split testing. One advertisement will link into one landing page and another will link into a second one. A mini site can help you build a list for advertising to like a newsletter subscription Nike Air Max Zero Ireland , by means of a landing or squeeze page. For help with building a mini site please go to www.minisitepayoff

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