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What Should I Know About Dell?s 2155CDN Printer Computers Articles | May 27 Authentic Anthony Duclair Jersey , 2013
Overview If you want a printer that isn?t used very much the Dell 2155CDN laser printer is ideal for you. It is a mid-range laser printer that proves to have remarkable performances. Sure, at thi...


If you want a printer that isn?t used very much the Dell 2155CDN laser printer is ideal for you. It is a mid-range laser printer that proves to have remarkable performances. Sure, at this price, there are other laser printers that can be better than the Dell 2155CDN, but this model can beat many other devices from its class. You will probably be very impressed by Dell?s performance because it will exceed your expectations. The drawbacks aren?t as significant as the advantages and it would be perfect for medium sized businesses and home users.


Business users directed their attention toward this model because of it high maximum monthly load of 40k sheets. This means that you?ll have no problems with the printer until you reach the 40k monthly threshold. Bigger companies which don?t have demanding printing needs will find this device very useful because they will be able to reduce the costs thanks to its average price. Another advantage of Dell 2155CDN is its ability of holding two hundred and fifty sheets in its paper tray. If you can buy an additional tray Authentic Josh Anderson Jersey , you could hold a ream of paper. This could be a major advantage because you will not have to add paper during printing. As you know, it?s pretty annoying to stop the printer from working right in the middle of a large job.

Although you are a person without knowledge of technical characteristics, printing speed will always be a major criterion when it comes to buying a printer. As you know, everyone wants a fast printer device because it?s annoying to wait to print a few pages. Fortunately, Dell 2155CDN is a fast printing device that can print up to 24 pages per minute. However Authentic Nick Foligno Jersey , a faster printer is bigger in size. Although this could be a small drawback, you will still save money and space because this product comes with multiple functions. It is printer, scanner, fax and copier in a single device.


As you know, every printer has its pros and cons Authentic David Savard Jersey , and the Dell 2155CDN is no exception. The printer?s ratio of print quality to price isn?t as good as at other similar printers. You can find other devices at the same price, which can have a printing resolution of 600 x 1200 dots per inch, while Dell 2155CDn has a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. Although the resolution isn?t great, this model is indeed a best buy because you can do 4 things with a single device at an amazing speed.

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