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Last time in the young woman and connected the person of spirited to get into nasty fight.Leaf autumn continuous setback they please come of several superiors.Artistic skill and relentless outstanding qualities of that violent violent in action make an all women grow crazy.It is also on that day.Sung parable suddenly feels this man to don't is all weakness all over.
It is exactly also on that day.Connect spirited be stabbed and wounded hospitalization.The Su Hang winds and clouds breaks.Started new influence structure and form.
The autumn of the leaf claps the head of Sung parable.Signal hint she doesn't want to be like a small bird Wa Zao.
This acts in leaf's autumn eyes in accustom to.But let the station stare at in the crowd outer circle reserved box in Sung parable friends seeing get a shock.
They all know.Sung parable dislikes most of are the head that the other people touch her.Once a friend touched her hair.She sprinkles the head to the dog blood that the person scold.
Originally do they think that Sung parable wants to deliver a violent wind again.Unexpectedly she but sweet sweetly smile.The image of a darling female.Stand the autumn is nearby an at the leaf don't utter.
Having didn't make wrong?
The autumn of the leaf doesn't have in the mind that idea takes care of other persons is just thinking what.Just a face smiles a lookinging at of idea connect spirited.Say:"Long time no see.Connect little recently O.K.?"
"Good."The look in the eyes that connects spirited also sharp-edgedly stares at a leaf autumn.Indeed as expected.This man appeared.
Now.BE while trying very hard to you arrived.
Stop worrying.You died.I will revenge for you.
"Although I not at Su Hang.But have been concerning to connect little symptoms.Connected last time little be stabbed affairs.I am also accountable.It is alas.It was still young and impetuous at that time.If I don't accept to connect little gambling party.The probably bad person can't has the opportunity to begin, either.Just have never thought of BE.The meeting is to connect little nearby and most become intimate with of under the person of hand"saying of leaf's ball extremely economic sob.Completely neglect to hate to connect spirited more and more the facial expression of the dark.Can opportunity to seek the stroke fight this of opponent.The autumn of the leaf takes pleasure in doing so very much.
The shell gram is loose to say with a smile a reason:"The leaf is little to return be really which the pot don't open to lift which pot.He so not is go toward person's wound last Sa salt?"
"This which is a salt?It is hot pepper water.The leaf is little also too malicious.Clearly know to connect spirited because of drive F woman betrayal but deeply concerned at heart.At Su Hang have been lifting not and at first.But it happened that bring up this Chi.The ideas that he kills people now were presumed to all have.Be don't know to have this skill."Han You traverses to look at to connect spirited to say chillily.
Since Guo Jia fell from power.Han Jia then and connect the house fought both with open and secret means well long a period of time.Up what to want is stability.Su Hang also can keep stable.Can not next malicious hand.Both parties also can the so small dozen is small to make of make.Conflict time like this is getting longer.Let Han You traverse to depressedly throw up blood.
So.See connect spirited to eat shriveled appearance.His in the mind feels very happy.
"Some affairs.You are understand.I am also understand.Everyone isn't a stupid person.Also need not beat a dumb fan like this.The hatred contains head.The debt contains lord.No matter is who.It is strong to add the humiliation on spirited.The some other day is necessarily a twice to return."Connected spirited to sweep leaf's one eye for autumn.Throw again view at station at behind of shell gram loose traverse a body with Han You up.Saying of voice iciness.
His in the mind is full to is an old grudge.The heart is held tight by a big hand to put out strength of crowded knead generally.Painfully don't stop to have muscular spasms.
But.The pain arrives the reaction of extreme achievement isn't explosion.But is dispassion.If the from ancient times doesn't turn of the cold ice is similar.It is icy cold and quiet.
He is very delighted.The delighted F can also keep a mindset like this after the indignity being subjected to a leaf for autumn.At least.On the noodles.The F can't lose too embarrassedly.
The autumn of the leaf smiles.Say:"Do not know connect today is little and play of is which?Take one big cluster of person to hit a son?Humiliate a female kid?"
"I think.You should make clear rights of the case first."Connect spirited to say with a smile."Here is a great king.It isn't a young woman.The person whom I bring is again many.Could you there is many the person of great king?As for humiliate blaming of a female kid.

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