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"Young lady.This matter is our club to get private affairs.Trust.)I will definitely handle well.Give you an explaination.Would you mind returning to first to take a rest a rest?"Wait quick be really a twos are big.Want to take those Vietnamese ghosts have never responded to come over in luck to wait.Hurriedly give° this female kid to send to walk.
Otherwise.Wait until them to start to pursue this girl's son to hit persons responsibility.Does the F want to give° the person to hand over to go out?
"Club's getting a matter is me matter son.I am a club to get an owner.Chase Sung to bosom to I call.Don't give° this matter son my processing to like today.See how I tidy up him."Sung parable flustered and frustratedly calls a way.
Waiting is quick and those two public securities are one Leng.Unexpectedly this female kid's returning is really a very influential socially.Unexpectedly called a while their Sung total place name word.
"What is the row son?"A looks is handsome.The qualities is astringent to get a young man to stand on the doorway.Is sharp the look in the eyes swept one eye reserved box inside get circumstance.Sink a voice to ask a way.
He must after death return heel a group of public securities.Their hair constituted a person's wall.Join a crowd for fun those person to block at outside.Don't let they dynasty reserved box inside crowded.
Sung parable sees an arrival person.Eyes a bright.Shout a way:"Sung to keep in mind.You come at the right moment.These Vietnamese monkeys all to throw to go out.Let these savage animalses in the great king.Looking at to all make people disgusted."
Sung didn't answer that Sung parable gets words to the bosom.View but threw to sit ground to connect in the spirited body in the corner.
He knows.It is very likely that this matter is this a don't utter a ground of men to ring out.Love to be a ground of dog not to bite a person.Those hide Fu at the part Zhe to get a dog would its never thought that tore a piece of meat of person down.
"Connecting is little.All of these are you ground friend?"Sung simple and directly asks a way to the bosom.
Connect a spirited point to nod.Say:"Is long to smell 12 officer gorgeous.So especially the idea takes some foreign friends to come to pay tribute.Unexpectedly great king must service attitude is thus inferior.There are unexpectedly two attendants being customer's ground to use China the language humiliate me friend.Like this get a matter to the occurrence.I am to cut up rough very much.Hoping the great king can give my friend one fair must give an account."
Sung to keep in mind eyes Jian Jian.But have no immediately answer criticism.Ask a way:"BE which two staff members humiliate you to get a friend?"
"She.Still have her.They are 2."The fierce breeze pointed the Qi officer and station get jade in the part officer.
"The officer of the Qi.You and jade the officer humiliated us highly respectable guest?"Sung asks a way to the bosom.
"General manager.We have no.How may we do to get a matter like this."The Qi officer gets a Qiao face pear the flower take rain ground to weep over a way.That Vietnamese monkey starts too heavy.She gets half side the face be all beaten swollen.
"The officer of the jade.What about you?"Sung turns round to ask a station again to the bosom at wait quick after death get jade officer.
"General manager.I also have no.I and Qi the officer basically didn't sit together.She sits on the sofa head.I sit betwixt.In the center across a quite a few individual.Two of us how have opportunity to say whisper?"The jade officer is also a full face injustice ground to explain.She just also for no reason get be stired up one box on the ear.The whole individuals all rushed toward in the ground.The in the mind is to hate these Vietnamese ghosts of dying.
Sung orders to the bosom.It is suddenly harsh voice to looking at to connect spirited.Say:"Connecting is little.You are also regarded as Su Hang presentable get a person.But unexpectedly will do this kind of low class successful segment.Want to break us to get field son.Seek a few Ma Zi come become.Why the need for want you to make moves in person?"
Sung is also a severe person to the bosom.His knowing to connect spirited is to want to cause trouble.He also believes his under charge the employee isn't likely to do thus and stupidly matter son.So.At inquired two party concerneds satisfied see after.Immediately speak harsh voice get the Xun scold to connect spirited.The all pushing the criminal chargeses to him is in the head.
On-looker's hasing one subjective consciousness is behind.Connect spirited again how explain.Also still hard cover up him to get despicable behavior.
Connect cold light in the spirited eyes to gleam.But can still keep sinking ground to live spirit.Depend on the sofa.Carry to begin an inside red wine.Is cold to say with a smile:"The desire adds of offense.What suffer from have no phrase.Is this it your great king that get tolerance?

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