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Sung parable is stood the doorway sees of is an in a thundering rage, Mao Mao Mao of blunt come in, toward the Vietnamese Zi face for hitting persons up connected to take out several box on the ears, scold a way:"Do you calculate what things?Unexpectedly dare to beat my person.Scold you Vietnamese monkey how-----You don't act hysterically and refuse to see reason urine to shine on as well.Is you it the monkey that is what?"
Who don't also thought of a coy my daughter person will so the young tiger is fierce, have never thought her action more will be so quick, that Vietnamese man who is a veteran warrior after lowering the head to take out Qi officer's one box on the ear unexpectedly once turned a face, be taken out quite a few box on the ear in a row.
He was beaten Meng.
Sung parable takes a to come great king to have fun for friend.Everyone plays dice to drink.Sung parable must control breath not good.Is continuous the wager lose.It was been crary by those to get a woman to infuse many wine.BE fixing to go bathroom hiss hiss the in luck wait.See a surprised voice of someone from inside in a reserved box a scream.
Know terrible slice of in want to construct the terrible atmosphere in luck wait.Why to all like to make the woman call?
Because they call enough to frighten a person.
But if the man calls so words.Will make people misunderstand him is delivering spring.
Sung parable is obviously musted scream to get a fright by this woman.
The other people don't know that she is a great king to get an owner.She is personal but clear.)Just thinking close to some see in exactly took place what the matter in luck wait.See the reserved box door opening.Is a flock of to wear great king specially for assist at wine parties a personnel to make to order chirpaur the woman hurtled out.Take on the face frightened get air.
Sung parable not and clearly took place what matter.The capacity for liquor is again excessive.The head is murky to get.The hands support on the wall.BE considering how to solve the in front gets a problem.See the great king club get a manager to wait quick took two public securities to in a hurry walk to come over.
Wait quick pour is see there is in the doorway wear short skirt to get a beautiful female kid.Seeming to drink is many appearance.Depend on the wall to take a rest.Get according to the club'five excellent'service regulation.She is used as club manager should on her own initiative come forward to inquire like this get the customer has what need.After all.Being able to walk into the great king must is all that they are highly respectable guest.But miss reserved box inside get conflict.Basically have no time to have regard for these.
Only was a Piao her one eye.Surprised Cha descend her beauty behind.Urgently and urgently must enter reserved box.
No one takes a reason F.Sung parable isn't angry either.Have no hasty leave.Just the station looking at at the door in get conflict.Conveniently also want to see this high pay is appointed to get a manager to solve good this conflict.
Canning have never thought that Vietnamese monkey is so hateful.The Qi officer just defended a just.He then doesn't ask a green and red soap white must hit persons a box on the ear.
This is personal to get club.These female kids all hit the ground with F cover.This Vietnamese monkey unexpectedly beat them.Sung parable is burning with anger.Can how canning it possibly be bear with this kind of to humiliate?
In a pet.Wine unexpectedly awake greater half.The head also becomes awake.Suddenly behind fled into from the crowd.Waited that Vietnamese monkey to fire away a person to once turn face in luck to wait.She lightning flash Pa several without a break get the box on the ear stir up pass by.Not only hit persons that Vietnamese monkey to beat silly.Other persons are also all silly must stand where.The brain temporarily and unexpectedly has never responded to come over.
Who is she ?
From where jump out ground?
Why to hit persons?
That hasn't been drinking don't play woman's brain to still keep awake the Vietnamese quickly must hurtle over there.A hold tight Sung parable still need to continue to beat next go to successful arm.To flank a jilt.Sung parable stumbles ground to fall down to the ground.Luckily waiting is quick and those two bodyguard eyes are clearly quick moving.Give° her Chan to hand.
"Unexpectedly dare to beat me."Sung parable still for the second time drive like this rude must treat.Toward to wait quick shout a way:"Call people.All throw for me to go out they."
"Young lady.You get drunk."Wait a quick part to embrace Sung parable.Avoid her again hurtling up to suffer a los.Simultaneously advise a solution way.
"Get drunk fart.I get wine early awake.I say words didn't you hear?Making the club defending the personnels must all call for me to come over.

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