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Rich brocade king shook to shake head and wished, Ran winter night so ground woman, how may have a liking for a leaf for autumn?
But Tang Guo should not have a liking for a leaf, either for autumn just to.
This matter son must definitely find out to know.
Say stem and then do, rich brocade king's a moment doesn't want as well etc. again, immediately from the pocket in took out a cellular phone to stir a number.
"Childe Wang has what order?"Spread a men in telephone bewitching smile ground voice.
"Help me to check two people again."Rich brocade king's voice icy coldly says.
"It is all right.Childe Wang, what person can't escape us as well following of black cat detective agency.
Just commission ground problem"…""
"Take data to come over to take money.Will I care small money of your that son?"Rich brocade king's voice takes to have saying of wrath.
"Ha ha, nature can't.Childe Wang's identity we are to speak Chu's ground.Childe Wang though heart, three day inside necessarily have a result."Rich brocade king is cold to hum Zhao to hang a telephone, after covering up a list also heel if leave.
Tonight to leaf autumn to say to is painful and endless.Accompany if the Tang Guo and Ran still had Lin Xi to stroll city square in financial district, Wang Fu Jing and Yan in the Yan city winter night, and was known for Chu a life time in the China country benzene of three in after street in the Tun bar drank meeting wine.Is already many at 11:00 p.m., a group of people this just distinguishes.
The autumn of the leaf is after sending back Tang Guo driving back from have been already lived of place, the cellular phone in the pocket rings.
Picking up a to see is the number that Han You traverses.
Han You traverses a general nothing important matter ground words, is impossible and from have been already contacted.
How to give this time from have already made the words of calling call?
Leaf autumn in the mind a move.Stay calm and collected of connected a telephone.
"Ha ha, the leaf is little, haven't taken a rest?"The voice of Han You, Ling Di, there spread to come over from the telephone.It even if is a smile.Han You's traversing doesn't dare as well insolent too much.The precept had last time, Han You traverses to always feel that the in the mind has no bottom spirit at the leaf autumn in front.
"H'm.So late beat to call words, definitely have what matter?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"Yes.Does the leaf still remember less that Guo Cheng shines on?"Han You traverses voice to seriously ask a way.
"H'm.Guo Jia's person?He not is disappear?"The autumn of the leaf smiles a life to ask a way.See to Han You the Ling make a phone call is have relation with Guo Jia's business.
At the beginning after Guo Jia falls from power, Guo Cheng shone on and then disappeared.Han You's traversing to rummage Su Hangs all has never found out it.Now how had him the ground the news again?
"As I see it, Guo Cheng's shining on be at the beginning connected spirited to send to the United States.His elder brother, Guo Cheng Yang,'s relation for helping in the United States and Vietnam is very good.Or the head of group that has much of amount of.Guo Cheng shone on to go to greatly chase Sa money after the United States, while connecting the help of house, and then became that head."Han You traverses voice to mildly say, but brings up to connect spirited ground for time and vomit Yu also particularly clear and emollient.
Can foresee, the Fu is near he at Su Hang and connected a house to once collide many times.
"Why does the meeting suddenly speak of this?"Leaf autumn Mi if eyes ask a way.
"Recent connect house suddenly with American there friendly intercourse close.And.There is Vietnamese Zi coming over from the United States.I the felling atmosphere is a bit not right."Han You traverses voice to dignifiedly say.
Isn't afraid they come clear, afraid they come dark.These desperados shine on crazy guy of that secret concern to lead at Guo Cheng under, difficult protect can't do what the business son of space.
This year crossly fears Leng, Leng of afraid not darned of.
"Capture a thief to capture a king first.Did Guo Cheng shine on back?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"Have no.My person has been being closely keeping watch on their actions."
"Go.I knew.I don't hope that Chen Jia occupies."The autumn of the leaf says.
"I around set out many hands at Chen Jia.Still make the ground scout car in city bureau high repeatedly half ground before Wan family avenue to patrol.Wanting don't "…and does the Chen Jia dozen voice receive?"
"This matter I come to do."The autumn of the leaf says.
Hang up Han You traverses of telephone, the leaf autumn thinks whether the opportunity to seek goes to a trip Su Hang.
It make Chen Mo Nong stir a telephone.Let she attention safety, ground in the hand cellular phone again ring get up.What this call shows is an unfamiliar number.
Is a house electricity, but see from area, also belong to Su Hang inshore.

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