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I am also very curious to show biz."Tang Guo Yi's face smiles idea ground to say and seem state somebody else to just rush through her to walk.
But at table underneath, still ruthlessly use the high-heeled shoes trampled on the leaf's autumn feet several under.
Dead sex maniac, know you have no well heart.A words all don't say for me.
Leaf autumn the positive droop wear head to drink tea, drive Tang Guo of suddenly raid to trampled one positive Zhao.Know her some hatredses, also took office her to trample several bottoms.
Wish.You from have been already contended for however somebody else can not blame me, either?
Tang Guo after ordering food, with Ran 2 people talk to smile breeze to living winter night, how see is like all own sister, but not rival in love.Often also chat severals to write words and amuse to trap a ground of matter son with Lin Xi, speak at Lin Xi from already recent at help Ran fill a phrase winter night of wait.Spoilt daughter of a rich family Tang still warmheartedly helped very much some opinions.
But, she is on bed terms leaf autumn to talk.
Tang Guo on bed terms leaf the autumn talk, Ran winter night also the on bed terms leaf autumn talk.
The autumn of the leaf also fell at leisure.Sit alone to be devoted to a bitterness to eat in the corner.In a short while settled two two steaks and three desserts for the Gao.
Can't, the Italian steak is really a too small, the plate looks pretty and greatly, can in pack of steak but only three pieces of sons.Then is a few green vegetableses and a lot of beard planks.
This, the leaf autumn still feels from haven't eaten satisfied.
In fact the leaf autumn doesn't like to have a western meal to still have important reason BE.He is afraid to eat too manily to let other people's joke.
One meal's on the face of it is kind, secretly but the undercurrent flow out of the atmosphere bottom carry on completing, the leaf autumn robs to cover up a list.Wiped the next mouth with the paper towel, the Ran asked a way winter night:"The autumn of the leaf has what arrangement in the evening?"
"Evening" all should"""
"The leaf autumn wants to accompany me to go shopping in the evening."Tang Guo robs to say.She is afraid winter night of Ran and then pull leaf autumn to walk to do otherly what matter son."He early promised me to lead.Does the elder sister want to go together winter night?
"Good.At the right moment do I have no matter in the evening.Teacher Lin, you come to Yan city so long, I haven't taken the night life that you realize a Yan city?Let's take you to turn everywhere tonight?The person is many also noisy some."
All Tang Guo Chang's sons regrets is getting greener.From have been dry want at does the behind plus 1?
"Elder sister winter night, you still send teacher Lin first to return to.I see teacher Lin's facial expression some Qiao Wus."Tang Guo Yi's face smiles idea ground to say.
"Have?"The Ran tooks a look Lin Xi Di's facial expression winter night and says with a smile:"Teacher Lin, you are all right?""Ha ha.Nothing important matter."Lin Xi smiles to shake head.
From the selfishness in speak, Lin Xi is to think to be many and leaf the autumn and Tang Guo is together many very foolish.
He is one the work is careful of person, hope from already of the works can arouse the sympathy of hearer.
Ran winter night ground 《substitute to repair 》 need to re- fill a phrase.And he also sees of come out, Ran winter night of so want to do such a song, may be relate to the man of in front this outlooking comeliness.And in front this female kid"…exactly who is substitute to repair him to also divide not to speak Chu.
Can he knows, can understand more some they together get along with of the alignment of detail and great kindness, this song will be more perfect.
The affair seems and then so definitely settled down, Tang Guo in addition to secretly kick leaf at the table underneath for autumn.Also have no other ways to really want.
Chu BE.Four people left together again.
The facial expression dark of rich brocade king, the ground in the eye flames all soon give°ed the food of in front to spark.
The autumn of the leaf.Do you calculate what things?
Anne protects the small bodyguard of department just, Jing however dare rob a woman with me.
Wait and see who smile till the last.
Rich brocade king although back toward Tang Guo Ye to wait a person for autumn, but at his intentionally next, still give°ed several people's conversation to all listen to into ear in.
Rich brocade king is feeling field superior, really understand again to the chemisette idea however.Thus ground situation again obvious however, Tang Guo with that be called, winter night, the elder sister's woman equally likes a leaf autumn.
Elder sister winter night?
Rich brocade king's in the mind fiercely a surprised, is a deep red big purple big star Ran recently winter night?
Rich brocade king nervously sees past to the doorway, but several people's figure has been already disappeared.

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