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"I still keep insisting my viewpoint."River Yan is purple to obstinately say.
Bureau chief Li almost strikes table to spring up, or meets this kind of for the first time the top appoint the personnel to settle come down, underneath of the person dare to resist.
Brave Guo coughed 1, looking at a leaf for autumn and gently said:"The autumn of the leaf, say your viewpoint."
"I have the confidence leadership good violet squad, don't be ungrateful to organize great and earnest hope."Leaf autumn the Yang voice say, if voice big bell.The facial expression is self-confident and cool-headed, really is a guy that makes people pick not to serve as what trouble.
The atmosphere again solidifies and only have several people's breath voice this that Fu.
Brave Guo's idea 100 turn, but also unexpectatively more suitable way.
The part is the above ordination, how could child's play?
Moreover and simultaneously is a violet squad to resist with all strength, river Yan is purple is a taking a post of violet squad captain, and leaf the autumn is again new one boundary special kind the soldier compete of personal champion winner, their emotion also wants to consider.
The both sides refused to budge now and how solved?
Both sides gets persons to all really insist, no one would like to give up, small board room get the atmosphere become very and dignified.
Brave Guo is a bit surprised to see leaf's one eye for autumn, see he lower the head not to see present any person, some not understand he does so reason.
He before seeks purple conversation in luck of river Yan to wait understand river Yan is purple the autumn wanting to recommend a leaf takes office violet squad to serve as the next captain viewpoint, but at the beginning is being placed in special kind soldier compare martial big match get half-way, the leaf autumn has already become this big match the most dazzling get black horse.Brave Guo gets an impression to him also very quite good, so promised river Yan purple for leaf autumn upward the noodles speak a few lines good words.
But the affair mutate, Lin Jia suddenly operates, will always at pleased the captain hiding to serve as fierce tiger commando unit must stand up like a forest to adjusted back, also the idea push he allows toward the violet squad captain up satisfied think.This time, brave Guo pair the chief of staff want to say words also could hide in mind.
In the military authority, Lin Jia's getting a position isn't a common run of people can imagine.
Brave Guo knows river Yan is purple will have some emotion, but have never thought her will so pertinacity.And have been giving his felling very intelligent leaf the autumn also suddenly become to insist and even make him feel that the leaf insists for autumn a bit stupid.Why on earth want to fight force with force with Lin Jia resist?
The autumn of the leaf gets into the soldier boundary in luck still short, there is even no a year in luck.Like foolishly to allow in the violet squad pair for two years captain, wait until to stand up like a forest to inset a gold to complete or rise sharply, is he in clear and ordered pattern to connect a class, not very good?
Young man, still have some to float too much dry.Don't know'wait for'these two wordses get importance in the officialdom.
The autumn of the leaf and stand up like a forest not talk, river Yan is purple and bureau chief Li also not talk.Other persons can not speak up, he wants to talk.
"Everyone is so silent is not a way either.Always need to discuss a stand rule.Li Ju is long, what suggestion do you have?"
"I am satisfied to think nature is according to top must appoint to handle affairs son.One's appointing must discuss to just pass after numerous tops and want it to definitely achieve wisdom a reason naturally.If persons allly all the disobedience organization ground appoint, that later do we return how to work?"Bureau chief Li's tone isn't kind to say, still organize disobedience order ground big hat dynasty leaf autumn and river Yan purple head up button up pass by.
Brave Guo knows that he is Lin Jia to get a person, having must respond to don't feel strange as well like this.The autumn of the leaf and river Yan is purple to get behavior.Really make Lin Jia factional to get a person to feel they get the authority was subjected to a challenge.
"River's captain.Are you satisfied to see?"Brave Guo once turned a face to looking at river Yan again purple ask a way.
"The violet squad is from the establishment, captain post always from the brigade inside select..Because, I believe firmly the violet squad member's ground excellent, believe firmly that more to outshine others to become captain the candidate by all means has it outstanding get ability and special get character magic power.

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