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The autumn of the leaf sounded out sex ground to knock to knock on door at purple office doorway in river Yan, in spread to just come in of voice.Unexpectedly this woman also comes so early.
The autumn of the leaf pushes door but goes into and looking at river Yan of black dress black trousers purple.Say with a smile:"Top of does the person when seek my conversation?"
"9:00."River Yan is purple to see ground of hand for use by the military machine form, say:"Still differ half for hour."
Then raise head to looking at for autumn again, the leaf asks a way:"Do you get ready?"
"Get ready."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.His understand river Yan is purple to say of get ready is what mean.
At 9:50, river Yan is purple to take a leaf of autumn together go out to greet a top a parties come with leaf the autumn talk of person.
Stand on the doorway to a little bit wait for, a black Ao whistle car drove to come over.
Three men from in walked out, two ages were slightly old, the vehemence is cool-headed, a see is long to occupy the habit that the place of honor develops.An among those brave Guo of the review committee who are big matches last time pair chief of staff.Moreover a man with tiny bald head's pouring is very unfamiliar.There is still one looking a very young man, a face smiles idea ground is as purple as river Yan and river Yan is after death purple of leaf the autumn was beaten hello with the look in the eyes.
River Yan is purple to face to come off stage a rank, leaf autumn also can keep on following.
"Two chief coming violet squad instruction are welcome."River Yan purple courtesy of and two middle age men say "hello" and pour be like intentionally give°ed that young man to neglect ground.
The her ground attitude is very obvious, don't hope that the captain of violet squad is adjusted a term by the outside, but selects from the inner part.
Any scheme to rend away violet squad ground personnel, they a don't welcome.
Two inside year men can't express this emotion on the face towards seeing one eye, all some embarrassed, but also naturally.
"Come, river's captain.I give you the introduction.This youth's hero stands up like a forest.At first fierce tiger commando unit captain."Bureau chief Li's pointing at a young man purple introduction way is toward river Yan.The other people are this guy nonexistent, they are two always can not be these two guy nonexistent.
"Captain wood.How do you do."River Yan is purple this just have to with stand up like a forest a cheerless dozen voice to receive.
It is a Hao to stand up like a forest to pour don't mind a ground of appearance, have much of stretching hand of poise and river Yan purple held to hold.Say:"All say that river's captain of violet squad is a woman of great capability, on seeing today, indeed as expected not and falsely."
River Yan is purple to lightly nod, lead off fore the noodles leads the way, a group of people walks to the underground base.The autumn of the leaf and a forest of of the look in the eyes there is moment of to see, then smile a sum head separate.
Smile noodles fox.The not good evaluation that 2 people were in mind to give the other party at the same time.
In leaf's autumn heart in, stand up like a forest is not likely to don't know that oneself is the most emollient candidate of his competition violet squad captain one job.Lin Jia thinks necessarily to up also do some kind of understand here, but he the slightest doesn't feel appearance and pour is let leaf some for autumn to watch out for.
A group of people enter a small board room of base, after room door closes, brave Guo this just the openings say:"Think necessarily severals in all know, river Yan purple captain at violet squad several years, hard working achievement Gao.Under the application of river Yan purple captain.Passing by is the above of special approval, allowing purple captain of river Yan to resign from violet squad the captain is one job."
The leaf autumn in the mind is one earthquake, see with surprised look purple toward river Yan.
, Is what she applies for to resign from violet squad captain one job by herself?
River Yan purple facial expression equanimity, although don't there see to the leaf autumn.Also know that he will definitely looking at himself/herself at the moment.Originally thinking can much fight for for you some horary of, have never thought but hold it over early.Only wish, you can answer this bureau.I can make of and all did for you.
The river Yan purple light tone sighs.Being thin can not smell.
"River Yan purple captain of there is another arrangement on the work, while the violet squad be used as a to China country ground the safety carry the special forces of important responsibility, we must promise that it sets up to make of integrity.So, after the above research.

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