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Mo Yan conjecturesed one eye strong endure to suppress to smile of leaf autumn, say:"You, go to and form couples with every month.Is also that she tie~ups you."
A chest foot had the sexy fat girl of 50 codes to stand, the facial expression tide redly rushed at leaf for autumn.
Don't .
The autumn of the leaf frightenned to cry quickly.
If did this matter son spread to go, also let to make people make a living not?
Two big men talk coldly to see in Mo under, thrive in a group of women spring feeling of acclaim and make physical advances under, tears contain humiliation, finally completed this highly difficult performance task.
Mo Yan again lets to take his student carry on the back a female Nu declaration after, this just declare class is over.To the utmost the job responsible attitude can let some teachers of regular colleges from vulgar but die.
Wait until after all students leave, leaf the autumn and fee soar to just breath a sigh of relief.The look in the eyes heel that those women see come over wolf ground.Don't know how this old guy is carried on the shoulder to come over ground as well.
Is indeed as expected old hot.
"Is not an in the mind to despise them.Feel that they are very dirty?"Mo Yan unhappily Pie leaf the autumn and fee soar one eye and ask a way.
"Do not have.We don't have this kind of viewpoint."The leaf sees Mo Yan Mian to the autumn and takes angry expression ground appearance.Hurriedly put a hand.Can't, regardless speak from the generation, or come up to speak from personal feelings, he has to keep enough respect to this old man son.
His paying a ground for leaf's house is really too many, don't say is that severals call down, would be to let the leaf kneels for autumn several Kes ring a head on the ground, that is also the naturally.
"Yes.We are how can that kind of people?I and the match of jasmine very to, we still invited to like late some ones to drink coffee-----"The fee soars to say with a smile.
Mo Yan's facial expression this is just kind some, say:"You are still young, have too many matters you don't know.They are prostitutes, betray body to obtain the capital of existence.It is all flock of pitiful person just.Truely dirty is those clothing light fresh guy, the talented person of upper-class society has Huan to originally do some mean matter sons.These prostitute, again dirty-----How can be dirty to lead them again?"
2 people repeatedly nod and mean really approve Mo speech of words.
Don't unexpectedly and not talk to still keep shaking head, say:"It isn't understand.You temporarily can't also understand."
The autumn of the leaf is just wanting to raise a few examples again to prove that he or she has already understood, for example be called people's civil servant but consider as people the corrupt official of civil servant, for example for the sake of self-interest but manipulate greatly enjoying of the stock market, again for example employ the real estate development that the underworld hatchet man is an accomplice company----Can don't talk already not to the opportunity that he talks.
"Is not because the business son of violet squad captain" Mo Yan takes out a smoke again, after sparking, crueltily took out an one mouthful.Heel and this smoke has enemy.
"Yes."The autumn of the leaf says.The in the mind thinks a way, this news' pouring is pretty a quick.Still think his all time are used is studying this**bind a top."Conflict happen and not agree with to match us a current benefits with Lin Jia.Will let the Yan house beside visit a joke."
"Do you think how to do?"Mo Yan Wen's way.
Leaf autumn wry smile.If I know how do, can't emit to lose the danger of a male's body to run to seek you, either.
"I am temporarily in a state of drift, so want to come to listen to your ground a suggestion."The autumn of the leaf frankly says.
"I have no suggestion."Mo Yan Shuo.
"However.Can not retreat this time."Mo Yan Shuo."Yielded, will even show other people joke."
"I am getting more understand."The autumn of the leaf formally nods and says."Go to.The business of behind hands over to me."Mo talks to stand up from the chair and stretches a lazy waist to say.
Ye Qiu knows he this is to give order for guests to leave, soared to walk to go out together with fee.
Although don't get the answer that oneself wants.But got the attitude of support.Also calculate not and falsely a this trip.
On the second day, the leaf autumn arrives at violet headquarters, the teammates meeting all say "hello" with him in succession or nod with the point.
Soldier is the respect is strong ground special group.Ever since leaf the autumn compared at the soldier of special kind martial big match up coquettishly defeated an one and other strong hand, after finally taking off personal champion throne, the person of violet squad already to leaf the autumn is much approbation feeling and trust.

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