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Developing a Championship Attitude Sports Articles | January 21 Edwin Encarnacion Jersey , 2005
I spent one morning doing a mental game workshop with the Miami Dolphins coaching staff to talk about ... teamwork and a ... ... What a great ... and a dream come true for

I spent one morning doing a mental game workshop with the Miami Dolphins coaching staff to talk about developing teamwork and a championship attitude. What a great experience and a dream come true for me. In my preparation for the seminar, I did some research on the topic of a ?championship attitude,? which I would like to share with you. From my point of view, you first must develop a championship attitude before you can become a championship team.

?Winning stems from commitment Ichiro Suzuki Jersey , and commitment begins with attitude.?
--Dennis Green

What is a championship attitude? A championship attitude is one in which the team members have a shared goal, collective will, are unselfish with personal goals, and are proud to wear the team uniform. In this newsletter Seattle Mariners T-Shirts , I share a few of the qualities of a championship team attitude:

(1) Leadership from within the team. Most championship teams develop an internal leadership structure in which two or more players act as the leaders of the team, such as Larry Bird was for the Celtics. This is a very power force for the team because the leaders set the standards in practice and games by example instead of the coach having to tell everyone how to behave.

(2) Team goals are more important than individual ones. Individual players are able to sacrifice their trophies and personal goals and adopt the team goals. Having a shared goal is the only way to develop team unity and have teamwork.

(3) Elevated expectations or self-confidence. Any championship team has the belief that they are ready, willing, and able to win the big one. If a team has doubts about it?s overall ability level Seattle Mariners Hoodie , then the team will fall short of winning the championship. If you think your team can get to the playoffs, but not win the big game, then the team will realize this shortfall.

(4) No excuses to lose. I tell athletes I work with that if you show up to play with excuses to lose, then you might as well not show up to play. If you think your team does not play well under the lights Customized Seattle Mariners Jersey , against a particular team, or when the conditions are not optimal, then you have excuses to lose. Championship teams don?t have built-in excuses to lose?they expect to win and will settle for nothing less. Consolidate Debt To Improve Home Loan Chances

Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th, 2010

Finding a home loan with less than stellar credit isn t an easy task. But Cheap Seattle Mariners Jersey , it is possible and it is getting somewhat easier. Consider the following tips to improve your chances of being approved for a home loan:

Tip #1. Find a real estate agent you can trust and enlist his help in identifying properties that will come prepacked with equity based upon their worth and their selling price. Financing a property that has equity built in above and beyond the mortgage is always going to be easier and quicker than a fixer-upper or something that requires you to sink more money in it immediately. After all, to lenders, equity is almost as good as cash down. Have your agent and mortgage brokers help you identify possibilities in this area.

Tip #2. Look outside the boardroom box for more creative options for finding financing. If the seller will carry a second mortgage you may be able to save your down payment in exchange for monthly payments and interest. You may find lenders who will offer 100 percent financing but the interest rate is a big reason to consider saving for six months on your own to save a down payment instead. The amount of interest you save in the final contract will more than pay for itself. Of course, you could just look at refinancing it at a later date to lower the interest rate assuming that rates continue to go down.

Tip #3. Compare products and pricing strategies between your lenders. They may all seem similar Randy Johnson Mariners Jersey , but look closer, it s the subtle differences that can make or break your deal.

Tip #4. When applying for your mortgage, consider using an on-line service that supplies your completed application to various lenders. By utilizing an online service your credit only gets hit once, and you can more easily see the results and compare the lenders to see the best deal.

Tip #5. Consider making the effort to improve your credit score. There are so many simple ways that require little time investment it would be silly not to try them. The main thing to do Ken Griffey Mariners Jersey , however, is to check your credit history on line and note any incorrect items. Whether you decide to try and dispute anything trivial, you should ensure that there is nothing on the report that shouldn聮t be. If your debt ratio is out of this galaxy, consider ways to consolidate debt. Also Jay Buhner Mariners Jersey , employ some form of financial planning to help control your spending habits tightly enough to ensure that payments are made promptly and on time. An improving pattern of timely payments and a drop off in credit inquiries such as credit cards or car loans, etc. can help your credit seem more stable and loan worthy.

Prior to writing the article, a wealth adviser had been interviewed and said that it is crucial that people who have been married for a great many years understand the financial consequences of their divorce prior to proceeding with the divorce, especially older women Edgar Martinez Mariners Jersey , who tend to be more vulnerable to financial difficulties after a divorce. The reasoning behind this statement is that older women have worked fewer years than their husband as many have spent part of their marriage managing the home and children.

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